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In the world of cybersecurity, a good offense is the best defense. Let our elite team of ethical hackers expose your digital risks and beat the bad guys at their own game.

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Evaluate your security controls. Uncover vulnerabilities in your applications and systems and reduce the attack surface of your platforms.


Experience an advanced cyber attack that rigorously tests the security measures and responses you have in place. Find and fix business-critical issues and create a thick armor against attackers.

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Our reports are suitable for vendor risk assessment, M&A due diligence, and regulatory requirements such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, HIPAA, PCI DSS, CCPA, and others.

Penetration testing services rooted in global experience and technical excellence

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Penetration testing services


Application Security

Blaze’s application security assessments are performed in a manual fashion, augmented by automated scanners and custom tools. We go beyond common issues listed in OWASP Top 10, and cover business logic issues specific to your system.

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Network Security

Our network penetration test, based on methodologies such as PTES and OSSTMM, identifies and exploits vulnerabilities in your network infrastructure, providing deep insights into the risks your environment may be exposed to.

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Cloud Security

We conduct security assessments and configuration reviews of all major cloud platforms. We advise organizations on cloud security architecture and configuration best practices.

Security Development Life Cycle

Security Development Lifecycle

We work with agile teams to create a customized plan that allows them to embed security best practices into every stage of development.

We help with security design reviews, threat modeling, and other activities.

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Red Teaming

Our red team mimics the behavior of a persistent and technically capable adversary.

With an array of expert tools, tactics, and procedures, we gain access to business-sensitive data and systems. The main goal of the assessment is to improve the detection and response capabilities of your cyber defense team.

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