Cloud Security

Cloud penetration testing

Cloud pentesting scrutinizes the security of configurations specific to cloud environments, taking into account the shared responsibility model. With our cloud penetration test, your organization can identify vulnerabilities in the most used cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure

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Keep your business data and applications secure in the cloud

Cloud computing was a paradigm shift for many organizations around the world. With this new paradigm also came new threats to the infrastructure. Just like any other technology, cloud computing also has risks that should be investigated and addressed accordingly.

Our cloud penetration test assesses your attack surface, reviews your service architecture, and analyzes your services & their configuration files. We identify misconfigurations and security issues and provide a full report with remediation advice. 

The final goal is to reduce the risk your organization is exposed to when it comes to cloud services, providing assurance to the operations without any disruption to the business.

Ensure the security of your
cloud environment

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Improve your cloud security with attack simulation

Test your cloud environment and check how well your security controls perform against cyber threats with real-life attack simulation. Blaze’s cloud pentest allows you to confirm attack paths, mitigate risk and improve your security posture.

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Find critical vulnerabilities

Multiple cloud solutions, hybrid environments, and ecosystem complexity can make it hard to see your organization’s security posture fully. Blaze helps you identify existing vulnerabilities and take measures to secure your cloud environments.

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Manage the external attack surface

Identify and manage the risks that internet-facing assets and systems pose. With attackers looking in from the outside, it’s crucial to identify all possible entry points into your cloud environment to ensure you remain secure.

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Receive actionable reporting and enjoy free retesting

Receive actionable advice and our complete support to help you effectively fix the vulnerabilities found. We offer free retesting up to 90 days after completion to guarantee all flaws were successfully fixed.

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Control user access to critical information

Test your identity and access management (IAM) framework to protect your business assets from unintended user access. Make sure that authorized users are subjected to the Principle of Least Privilege to prevent data breaches and secure your cloud environment.

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Remediate risks faster

Blaze’s cloud pentest services help identify misconfigurations and security issues. Our team of security experts provide actionable insights and remediation advice for you to effectively resolve vulnerabilities

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