Application Security

Managed bug bounty
services and VDP

Managed bug bounty solutions to supercharge your cybersecurity program.

Blaze handles your bug bounty strategy, program setup, management and triaging of reports. Work with an exclusive community of skilled hackers to detect vulnerabilities in your most critical systems. 

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Add an extra
layer to your security program
and hacker-proof
your applications

Bug bounty is ideal for companies that conduct regular security assessments and have a high level of security maturity. 

In partnership with Yogosha, our fully-managed bug bounty solution connects you with a community of highly skilled and carefully vetted ethical hackers to comprehensively test and find vulnerabilities across your attack surface, and offer actionable advice so that you can improve your security robustness. Under this security model, companies award a monetary bounty to the researcher for each bug found.

Blaze will create the program, monitor all ongoing bug submission activity, constantly optimize reward strategy and triage vulnerability reporting.

Harness a crowd of ethical hackers
to continuously improve
your security controls

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Leverage the knowledge of an entire community

Get your application tested by a pool of highly skilled ethical hackers that use a vast array of tools and skills to conduct deep assessments and find critical vulnerabilities in your systems.


Benefit from continuous coverage

Attackers are always on the lookout, ready to exploit your weaknesses, that’s why security testing needs to be an ongoing process.

With bug bounty, you can count on a community of hackers that is constantly testing your critical applications, so you can fix the vulnerabilities before hackers exploit them.

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Enjoy a fully managed process

Blaze provides you with end-to-end support for every bug bounty program. From program scoping to researcher recruitment, vulnerability triage and SDLC integration – we help you every step of the way.


Find and remediate faster

Bug bounties usually produce quick results, with the first critical vulnerability being found soon after the program is deployed.

You get access to a high-end platform that centralizes the whole process, with vulnerabilities being reported in real-time, and integration with your ticketing system for fast remediation.


Reinforce your security program

Bug bounty programs are not meant to entirely replace other types of offensive security testing and security engineering activities, but to augment them.

However, when run in combination with regular penetration testing, they are a great addition for companies that want to go one step further in their security journey.

Ready to take your security
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