Cloud Security

Cloud security review

Assess your cloud security posture and get a deep insight into critical vulnerabilities that put your business at risk.

We review cloud configurations to ensure risks are identified, managed, and reduced in major cloud platforms.

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Security best practices to be safe in the cloud

The distributed nature of modern cloud-hosted applications has brought with it a much wider attack landscape. There are now more web services and more APIs per application. This means more tools, and thus more configuration files. 

Blaze’s cloud environment security review encompasses an audit of the current configuration of the cloud service against best practices for cloud security. The assessment performs security and permissions checks on key elements of Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS, such as S3 buckets, IAM, Security Groups, and others related to the relevant cloud provider under assessment.

Based on our findings, we help you implement cloud security architecture and configuration best practices, helping you to reduce the risk your organization is exposed to.

Rock-solid security for
your cloud environment

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Stay ahead of emerging threats

Blaze reviews your systems to make sure that your cloud environment follows best security practices. Our assessment helps uncover critical vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers.

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Examine your infrastructure

Our experts help build security into your cloud environment by analyzing your infrastructure and  identifying vulnerabilities and risks.

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Get detailed guidance

We identify potential issues and provide you with detailed guidance on the best methods to mitigate and resolve them.

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Improve with actionable recommendations

Our reports provide thorough and actionable recommendations so that you can improve your cloud security posture and prevent breaches.

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Achieve compliance

We help you maintain continuous cloud security and meet third-party, M&A due diligence and compliance requirements such as SOC 2 ISO 27001, PCI GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and others.

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