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Penetration Testing

Secure your Android & iOS mobile apps.

We provide expert assessments beyond the OWASP Mobile Top 10 and Mobile Testing Guide checklists, and simulate real-life attacks to thoroughly test the security of your mobile applications.


Pentest for mobile apps: Improve mobile application security

The meteoric rise of business-critical Android and iOS mobile apps brings new risks for organizations that rely on mobile devices and applications daily. 

Blaze’s mobile application penetration testing experts scrutinize your backend APIs & databases and analyze the communication between your app and server using the same tools and tactics malicious attackers use. Our engineers extend generic mobile app pentesting by reverse-engineering the application and decompiling it into human-readable code for deeper analysis – either in a black box, grey box, or white box perspective.

Our mobile app pentesting approach enables us to discover vulnerabilities that often fly under the radar of traditional security testing methods and automated security scanners.

At the end of each mobile application pentest, we provide expert advice to fix vulnerabilities and reinforce your mobile app’s security posture.

Mobile penetration testing
to mitigate risks
and ensure data privacy

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Direct collaboration with experts

Partner with our team of experienced security engineers with OSCP, OSWE, OSCE, and CREST CRT certifications and solid experience in pentesting mobile apps.


Get a tailor-made assessment

Get a custom assessment that goes beyond the OWASP Top 10 findings checklist and focuses on vulnerabilities specific to the software stack and business logic of the application under the scope.

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Go beyond automated scanning

Automated scanners are good for finding the low-hanging fruits, but discovering privilege escalation and business logic flaws requires the hands and mind of a skilled security engineer. All our tests are performed predominantly in a manual fashion so we can find those highly critical vulnerabilities.


Get a clear idea of the business impact of an attack

We simulate real-life attacks to assess your security posture. Our final mobile pentest report provides evidence of the damages a malicious attack could cause.


actionable reporting and free retesting

Our high-quality reporting is fully customized to your application and the desired outcome. We provide actionable security guidance and support to help you solve the issues found. 

We offer free retesting up to 90 days after completion to guarantee all flaws were successfully fixed.

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Meet third-party requirements

Meet third-party, M&A due diligence and compliance requirements such as PCI, SOC-2 Type II, ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, CCPA, and others.


Improve your DevSecOps

Using mobile application penetration tests throughout the software development lifecycle provides early warnings of vulnerable or flawed code, reducing the chances of vulnerabilities going undetected and moving into production.


Choose your delivery model

Choose from continuous delivery or point-in-time engagements to meet your unique needs.

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Bundle with other services for great coverage

Bundle or combine with other offensive security services to add depth to the test.

Discover our Mobile Application Penetration Testing REPORTS

We work with a tailored methodology based on industry-renowned practices such as OWASP, PTES and OSSTMM. However, we go beyond OWASP Top 10 and regular checklists, which enables us to discover and classify vulnerabilities that often fly under the radar of traditional security testing methods and automated security scanners
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