Network Security

External network penetration testing

Perform a thorough security test of your Internet-facing systems. Our security engineers mimic a real-life attack to discover and help remediate the security flaws that could allow unauthorized access to your network.

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Protect your network. Take action before attackers do

Internet-facing services and systems are the most exposed and often get attacked. Blaze’s security experts thoroughly scrutinize your internet-facing systems by performing real-life attack scenarios that could lead to unauthorized access to your protected networks. The test aims to evaluate your organization’s defenses and weaknesses against a motivated and persistent external attacker with no access credentials or knowledge about the network environment.

By performing tests manually, our experts can cover the full spectrum of your external-facing assets – websites, applications, systems – to uncover gaps and vulnerabilities that an attacker could exploit.
The engagement focuses on high-risk vulnerabilities that can have an impact on the business and company’s reputation, such as data leakage, access to confidential documents, compromise of key systems and databases, cloud infrastructure, and more.

Get a better understanding of
your external security and
create robust protection

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Understand your biggest risks

Gather key insights into your external security exposure. Our tests can cover your full spectrum of internet-facing assets, mimicking the tools and behaviors of a malicious attacker. This information is vital to better understand your attack surface and prioritize corrective measures.


Gather better insights

An automated scan can provide overwhelming data but also a false sense of security. Our manually performed tests and reports provide actionable and accurate insights that allow you to fill any gaps you might have in your security.

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Beat the attackers

By testing your external assets with real-life attacks simulation, you’ll be able to apply preventive measures and create a robust security layer that makes the job of a malicious attacker much harder.


Test and reinforce your security controls

This assessment provides valuable insights into the business’s security policies and practices, patch management, and overall resilience against attacks. The ensuing report can be used for compliance audits that require security testing, such as PCI-DSS and ISO27001.


Enjoy actionable reporting and free retesting

Receive actionable advice and our complete support to help you effectively fix the vulnerabilities found. To guarantee all flaws were successfully fixed, we offer free retesting up to 90 days after completion.


Combine with other techniques for greater coverage

Bundle or combine with other
offensive security services and techniques such as phishing simulations, and OSINT gathering, for greater coverage.

Ready to take your security
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