Cloud Security

Cloud environments need to be protected against both external and insider threats. Blaze helps your organization address cloud cybersecurity challenges and prevent data breaches while ensuring that your applications are always available to authorized users.

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Secure your cloud journey
from end to end and safeguard
your business

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Cloud Pentest

Our security engineers will perform a thorough penetration test of your cloud-based infrastructure and applications with the aim to identify vulnerabilities in the most used cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and Microsoft Azure.

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Cloud Security Review

Blaze’s cloud environment security review encompasses an audit of the current configuration of your cloud service against best practices. The assessment performs security and permissions checks on key elements of Azure, Google Cloud, and AWS, such as S3 buckets, IAM, Security Groups, and others related to the relevant cloud provider under assessment.

Enhance your cloud security program

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Accelerate cloud migration

Our cloud security assessments help you optimize your cloud migration process while safeguarding your data and ensuring your security controls and compliance are up-to-date.


Get visibility into cloud-based vulnerabilities

It can be hard to have a complete picture of your organization’s security posture. Blaze helps you assess your cloud environment and gain visibility over cloud-based vulnerabilities and security risks, allowing you to strengthen your security procedures.

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Reduce risk

Our security experts help you protect your organization from data breaches. We conduct comprehensive security reviews to assess your cloud infrastructure and identify any risks or threats.


Improve cloud integration tools

With our cloud penetration tests, you’ll get actionable insights and recommendations on replacing, upgrading or modernizing existing tools to integrate with your cloud environment.

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