Red team exercises and adversary simulation services

A red team exercise mimics the behavior of a real-life adversary and uses an array of expert tools, tactics and procedures to gain access to business-sensitive data and systems.

Our main goal is to help you improve your detection and response capabilities, and to increase the resilience of your systems against malicious attackers.

Red teamer

Put your defenses to the test and climb the ladder of security robustness

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Explore your attack surface

Get a deep understanding of your attack surface and learn which areas deserve the most attention. By having a clearer picture of the likely attack vectors, you’ll be able to prioritize and develop security initiatives that are more efficient in protecting your critical data and systems.

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Tailor-made testing approach

We begin by understanding your business goals and what the most sensitive data is. We then create a tailor-made testing program that exploits your systems’ vulnerabilities to gain access to the critical data identified.

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Improve your defense skills

Our red team plays against your blue team. Our mission is to thoroughly test your internal detection and response capabilities, making sure we help your team further develop their skills to protect your organization.

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Expand your testing coverage

Typically, red teaming has a larger coverage than normal testing and tends to include attacks such as physical and social engineering. It offers you a greater view into the different types of attacks your organization might be exposed to.

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Partner with a trusted expert

We have vast experience delivering this type of assessment to industry-leading companies. Enjoy direct collaboration and work closely with our expert team of security engineers to improve your defenses.

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Bolster your security with actionable advice

Receive actionable advice and our complete support to help you understand and fix the vulnerabilities found. Enjoy free retesting up to 90 days after completion of the test to guarantee all flaws were fixed.

Our Red Teaming Methodology

Blaze’s red team uses MITRE Pre-ATT&CK and ATT&CK knowledge-base of tools, tactics, and procedures of real-world adversaries in an attempt to achieve the goals established for the engagement and gain access to business-sensitive data and systems through vulnerabilities in the technology and people.