Banking & Fintech

Penetration testing for fintech and financial services companies

The financial industry has always adopted the latest technologies to improve its products and services to customers.

Blaze’s expertise can help you boost your organization’s cyber resilience to protect customer data and prevent fraud.

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Preventing financial crime, fraud, and sophisticated cyber attacks

It’s no secret that financial institutions such as banks, payment providers, and fintech companies have serious cyber security challenges at hand: from finding a balance to adequately defending legacy systems and new platforms against malicious hackers to safeguarding customer financial information that may be valuable in the cybercrime underground, as well as complying with numerous regulations and internal audits.

How Blaze can help you with
your Banking & Fintech
security challenges

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Proven financial security expertise

We have years of proven experience performing penetration testing on behalf of banks and fintech companies. By letting us challenge the security of your critical financial systems, we help your financial institution prevent attacks and keep its guard up against real-world threat actors.

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Extensive experience

From high street retail banks to up-and-coming fintech disruptors or traditional private bank firms, we have seen it all and are well suited to help you tackle your cyber security challenges.

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Pentesting and reporting tailored to compliance requirements

Blaze has extensive experience providing pentest assessments for PCI and SWIFT CSP audits for banks, payment processors, and fintech, as well as for other compliance needs such as GDPR, BaFin, BACEN, and local regulations. Our reports are tailored to the format auditors expect them to be.

Recommended Services to
help you improve your
security posture

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Managed Penetration Test

Our tailored application penetration tests go beyond the OWASP Top 10 checklist. We focus on vulnerabilities specific to your software stack and business logic to help you identify security issues in your platforms, APIs, and other systems and improve your overall resilience against cyberattacks.

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Network Security

Attackers are using increasingly sophisticated methods to try to breach your network. Our team of experts performs real-world attack simulation, provides you with deep insight into how skilled hackers could access your network, and suggests remediations for critical issues.

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Application Security

From code review to penetration testing, Blaze provides full-coverage testing that allows you to build safer apps, meet compliance goals, and innovate securely.

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