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Life sciences & healthcare penetration testing

The theft of patient-protected information and the use of ransomware have become lucrative crimes, turning healthcare organizations into a target for hackers.

Blaze provides tailored healthcare penetration testing assessments that can help your organization increase cyber resilience as well as achieve regulatory compliance.

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Anticipate risks in your connected hospital, health tech startup, and medical devices

Now, more than ever, healthcare institutions need to protect their data and defend themselves from cyber threats. Security testing assessments for healthcare & life sciences organizations are more nuanced than everyday penetration testing. Security engineers performing pentests for these organizations must be familiar with many standards specific to the sector, such as HL7, DICOM, FHIR, and proprietary protocols.

Blaze’s pentesting services are based on methodologies such as OWASP Top 10, OWASP MASVS, OSSTMM, PTES, and BSI to ensure an in-depth review of the security controls of the platforms and systems in the scope of your audit.

Our pentest enables your organization to identify security vulnerabilities and risks, and fix the issues to adequately protect your network infrastructure, devices, and application platforms that create, store, process, and transmit ePHI healthcare records and patient data.

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Secure patient data with no operational disruption

Our penetration testing services for healthcare and life sciences have a particular focus on discovering security vulnerabilities that can result in data breaches, improper exposure of patients’ protected health information, and attacks that could disrupt the operations of your hospital or clinic

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Pentesting and reporting tailored to compliance requirements

Blaze has experience providing penetration testing services for hospitals and health techs for ISO 27001, HIPAA, and Germany’s DiGAV. Our reports are tailored to the format auditors expect.

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Improved cybersecurity of your healthcare systems

By challenging the security of your systems, we help your organization prevent attacks and improve defenses, increasing the overall robustness and resilience against real-world adversaries.

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Application Security

From code review to penetration testing, Blaze provides full-coverage testing that allows you to build safer apps, meet compliance goals, and innovate securely.

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Network Security

Attackers are using increasingly sophisticated methods to try to breach your network. Our team of experts performs real-world attack simulation, provides you with deep insight into how skilled hackers could access your network, and suggests remediations for critical issues.

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Cloud Security

Blaze helps prevent leaks and data theft, which is critical for maintaining your customers’ trust and protecting the assets that contribute to your competitive advantage. Leverage our expertise to create a cloud security strategy that fits your business needs.

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