Robust cyber defense for energy assets

Energy, Oil & Gas Cybersecurity

Energy companies are prime targets for hackers. A cyberattack can cause major disruption to the energy supply, and as cyber threats arise in the sector, energy companies face the pressing need to protect their assets and their operations.

Blaze’s ICS pentest can help improve your organization’s cyber defenses posture by uncovering vulnerabilities, mitigating risks, and maintaining regulatory compliance.

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Preventing operational disruption caused by cyber attacks

The energy and utilities sectors are considered critical infrastructure necessary to citizens’ daily lives. This sector has specific regulatory compliance needs and, most importantly, unique challenges regarding the defense of industrial control systems (SCADA and OT), IoT, and retrofitting security into legacy platforms and equipment. 

Cyber threats affecting organizations in the sector can come from various sources, from criminal enterprises to state actors and hacktivists with political agendas.

 Recent cyberattacks against the grid in Ukraine, the Colonial Pipeline shut down by ransomware, and the data theft extortion against Saudi Aramco served as a wake-up call to protect the vital operations and services provided by utility and energy firms, driving home the need for organizations in this industry to embrace strong cybersecurity strategies.

Blaze is proud to have in its customer portfolio large energy and utility companies in Europe and Latin America. We have extensive expertise and can help your organization determine where risks lie and take steps to anticipate and mitigate them.

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Keep data safe

Blaze can help you protect your sensitive information and prevent data breaches. We have proven experience working within the energy sector, performing penetration testing for major energy and utility companies in Europe and Latin America.

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Protect your reputation

Critical infrastructure compromise can significantly damage your company’s reputation, leading to a decrease in consumer confidence and financial loss. Blaze helps you assess your organization’s security posture and provides the best guidance to mitigate and fix vulnerabilities and threats.

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Achieve and maintain compliance

Blaze helps you implement data security and meet regulatory and compliance requirements such as the NIS Directive, GDPR, and PCI DSS.

Our reports are tailored to the format auditors expect.

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Application Security

From code review to penetration testing, Blaze provides full-coverage testing that allows you to build safer apps, meet compliance goals, and innovate securely.

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Network Security

Attackers are using increasingly sophisticated methods to try to breach your network. Our team of experts performs real-world attack simulation, provides you with deep insight into how skilled hackers could access your network, and suggests remediations for critical issues.

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Cloud Security

Blaze helps prevent leaks and data theft, which is critical for maintaining your customers’ trust and protecting the assets that contribute to your competitive advantage. Leverage our expertise to create a cloud security strategy that fits your business needs.

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