Application Security

Threat modeling
and security design review 

Secure your software from day one.

We help identify security risks in your systems during the architecture and design phase with an in-depth threat model assessment, so you can address security issues before writing any code.

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Implement security controls to design more secure applications

Our threat modeling approach aims to do a systematic analysis of your potential threats and implement security controls that help you design more secure applications. 

Our security engineers analyze the nature of your system, identify design vulnerabilities, define clear trust and privilege boundaries, predict the most likely attack vectors, and establish which assets are the most desired by an attacker. We then advise and help you implement the best security controls needed to improve your defenses against each threat. 

Ultimately, you will be able to raise awareness about the potential risks, educate your development teams about the most effective ways to build software security, and create robust protection for your applications from day one.

Gain greater visibility into the threat landscape of your application

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Target your specific risks

Our security experts apply industry best practices to understand your unique business requirements and security objectives. They lay out what is critical to you, so that you can apply effective countermeasures.


Enhance your coverage against attackers

By conducting a thorough examination of your application, identifying the attack vectors, and suggesting countermeasures, we help you to create a robust security layer that makes the job of a malicious attacker much harder.

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Get pragmatic guidance

Blaze offers pragmatic and actionable advice on implementing mitigations, safeguards, and other threat prevention techniques to ensure your team can apply effective measures to create a more secure DevSecOps process.


Shift security to the left

Start moving security to the left and incorporating it into your DevOps. Address security issues before your application goes into production, guaranteeing stronger defenses from day one.


Improve security skills of your developers

Provide your DevOps team with a great learning opportunity, raising awareness about the security landscape of the application, and teaching them what controls to put in place to protect it better.

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Combine with penetration testing for reinforced security

Conducting a penetration test after a threat modeling exercise is a great combination. The intelligence gathered allows our security engineers to thoroughly test all the identified attack vectors and potential vulnerabilities. This way, you’ll maximize the efficiency of both exercises.

Ready to take your security
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