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Penetration testing for startups

Secure your first steps in business, achieve a higher level of cybersecurity maturity and launch your products safely.

Meet your SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI, GDPR, vendor assessment security requirements, and regulatory compliance goals.

Startup penetration testing

Secure the next big thing from day one

Startups often overlook cybersecurity due to the unique conditions in which they operate, which makes them easy targets for cybercriminals.

A single security breach can be enough to permanently damage your startup’s reputation and hinder your business growth. Blaze can help you develop and execute a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy and prevent security breaches.

Blaze’s penetration testing for startups are performed manually, augmented by automated scanners and custom tools. Our pentesting services are suitable for early startups and scaleups in the business of SaaS platforms, fintech, health tech, edtech, biotechs, proptech, insurtech, foodtech, and more.

Our team have experience with small startups and unicorns alike. We are well aware that every organization is unique, along with its needs and challenges. As such, we provide custom cybersecurity solutions to meet your startup’s specific requirements.

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Keep customer data safe

Our penetration testing services for startups and scaleups have a particular focus on security vulnerabilities that can result in data breaches, privacy violations and improper exposure of personally identifiable information (PII). 

If you’re looking for compliance or vendor security attestation, we can tailor the assessment for the purpose of the audit.

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Grow your business securely

Blaze can help you with your cybersecurity and compliance requirements, enabling a safe growth journey for your business.

Our experts can help you meet your PCI DSS, SOC 2, ISO 27001, GDPR, HIPAA, CRPA/CCPA, vendor assessment security requirements, and other regulatory compliance objectives.

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Develop a stronger cybersecurity posture

By challenging the security of your systems, we help your organization prevent attacks and improve defenses, increasing the overall robustness and resilience against real-world adversaries.

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Web App Pentest

Blaze’s web application and API penetration testing assessments are performed manually, augmented by automated scanners and custom tools. We go beyond common issues listed in OWASP Top 10 and cover business logic issues tailored to your system.

The application pentest enables your organization to identify security vulnerabilities in your web apps and back-end APIs, and provides the necessary suggestions to remediate and fix the issues to improve your overall resilience against cyberattacks.

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Mobile App Pentest

Penetration testing of mobile apps involve simulating the actions of a skilled attacker to identify vulnerabilities both in the application’s supporting infrastructure (back-end APIs and databases) and in the communication between the app and the server, performing an analysis of the application per se, along with its interaction with the mobile device. 

Our team is well versed in penetration testing of Android and iOS applications. Blaze follows industry methodologies such as PTES, OSSTMM, and OWASP MASVS, to ensure an in-depth review of the security controls of your apps.

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Cloud Pentest

Blaze’s security engineers have the ability to perform a thorough cloud penetration test to identify vulnerabilities and advise your organization on cloud security architecture and configuration best practices.

We can conduct security assessments and configuration reviews of all major cloud platforms, such as AWS (Amazon Web Services), GCP (Google Cloud Platform), and Microsoft Azure.

Our assessment takes into consideration the review of the security of cloud services such as logging, security groups, privilege escalation from different cloud-based services, misconfigured storage buckets, and more.

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