Application Security

Development Lifecycle & Secure SDLC

Make sure your systems are secure from day one. Reduce the probability of an attack and the future costs of correcting security flaws.

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Embed the best security practices into your software engineering process

Our security engineers will work with your team to develop a custom plan that allows you to incorporate security into every stage of development.

Together, we will perform activities such as defining the security requirements and objectives, design review, threat modeling, source code analysis, penetration test at each major release, fuzz testing, secure programming guidance, and more. 

This focus on security in the early stages of development reduces the attack surface of your systems. It limits the chances of fraud and future maintenance costs to correct defects originating from security flaws.

Shift security to the left and increase the robustness of your systems from day one

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Prevent security issues with SDLC

Weaknesses occur in every development process. Prevent errors in the software, requirements, architecture and design, and avoid time-consuming checks, adjustments and reviews later..


Benefit from a tailored approach

Whether you have a working Secure Development Lifecycle process that you need to improve or you want to build one from the ground up, we guide and support you throughout the process.
Our approach is tailored to your processes, systems, and people for the entire development lifecycle.

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Reduce Security Development Lifecycle costs for software-based products

Our team of experts can help you implement an effective, security-focused software development program by exposing security risks during development.


Experience a smooth implementation

We align our approach with your systems, processes, and people. We start with a baseline assessment to map out your needs, expectations and requirements. Then we determine together what the level of awareness should be in each step of the development chain. 

Through training and guidance, we make employees and management aware of their influence on the development process.


Align your development process with regulatory compliance

Blaze enables your team to detect security risks in the containers, functions, and artifacts that development and engineering teams pass through DevOps workflows and CI/CD pipelines.

By detecting and precluding security risks as they enter software projects throughout the SDLC, we help you comply with security regulations and support internal security standards.

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Work with experts

Be assisted by certified specialists who are passionate about their work. Our team of seasoned hackers holds OSCP, OSWE, OSCE, and CREST CRT certifications and has extensive experience in delivering complex projects for customers from different sectors.

Ready to take your security
to the next level?

We are! Let’s discuss how we can work together to create strong defenses against real-life cyber threats.