Security at Blaze

Our security is your security

Your trust is precious to us. Blaze is ISO 27001 and GDPR compliant and has strong security processes and controls in place to make sure your data is protected at all times.

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How we protect your data

The Blaze security tool-box

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Security as a top priority

Security is a key part of Blaze’s internal culture and is always a top priority in the projects and human processes in our organization. Every employee knows that this is a team effort and is committed to keeping the barriers high.

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Secure processes

Blaze is committed to the continuous improvement of information processes, security measures, and IT systems. We promote locally hosted applications, 2FA authentication, strong unique passwords, among others.

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Continuous learning

We provide learning opportunities so our security team can keep up with the new trends in the industry and ensure their continued development of expertise.

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ISO 27001 Certified

We meet the highest internationally recognized security standards and can guarantee that we adequately protect our customers’ data.

To view our certificate please click here. 

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EU General Data Protection (GDPR)

Blaze is GDPR compliant and acts with a “privacy by design” approach. We are fully committed to our customers’ data protection and have in place all the necessary measures to ensure personal data privacy.

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Blaze Information Security benefits from a Professional  Liability Insurance policy contracted with Hiscox of 5,000,000€ per claim and per year covered worldwide.

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Your security journey

Helping you strengthen your
security posture


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We are a security company and we have a commitment to our clients to keep their data secure at all times. Achieving a robust high-security posture has always been one of our top priorities and we’ve done so not only by complying with the highest security standards but also by engaging the entire company to understand the importance of keeping the barriers high. The threat landscape is ever-evolving so this is our continuous effort to reduce adverse impacts to a minimum level of risk. Our clients’ trust is of utmost importance, so this will always be a pillar of Blaze.

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Internal Security Measures

Enabling a safe and
secure environment


User Authentication

Every Blazer has a unique user login. Additionally, we use multi-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized users from accessing sensitive data.


Access Control

We control and monitor access to sensitive data. All user activity is traceable so we can always check who accessed what information and when.



We manage our employee laptops, which have encrypted hard drives and are monitored with endpoint detection and response software.


Internal Network

We keep our internal network secure with restricted, password-protected access.


Security Training

Blaze provides continuous training on security best practices to every employee.

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Blaze, please contact us at: [email protected]

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