Network Security

Internal network penetration testing

Our team puts your internal security controls to the test. We mimic the behavior of real-life attackers that have gained a foothold in your internal network and uncover the paths they can exploit to access business-critical information.

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Keep your internal information secure and protected from breaches

Robust network security programs help protect your organization’s data and prevent unauthorized access to sensitive business data.

Blaze’s internal penetration testing thoroughly scrutinizes your internal network infrastructure to uncover gaps and weaknesses that could be exploited by an internal adversary, such as a hacker who has gained a foothold inside your network perimeter or a disgruntled employee. 

Our real-life attack simulation explores topics such as privilege escalation, unauthorized access to confidential data and critical functionalities. Our experts will try to gain entry to networks that should be segregated, obtain network credentials, exploit outdated services (that often provide an avenue for further attacks), and access servers and file shares hosting corporate secrets and business-critical information.

Proactively discover and fix
hidden internal security weaknesses

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Get unique and detailed insights

Our experts conduct a thorough and personalized security evaluation of your internal network, allowing you to discover the unique internal risks that your organization may face.

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Cover the most likely attack vectors

Get a better understanding of possible attack vectors an internal threat could exploit. Our team mimics the behavior of an insider adversary and maps out the paths they can take to escalate privileges, navigate undetected, gain unauthorized access and steal data.

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Know the business impact

Our final report is designed to show how corporate assets can be compromised by an insider, and to highlight the level of criticality of the data accessed. Our reports are frequently used to raise internal awareness and to prove the need for robust security controls.

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Test your internal defenses

Understand the efficiency of your security controls and test if your processes and detection mechanisms are effectively alerting your team to unauthorized access and internal threats.

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Remediate with actionable advice

Blaze is committed to helping you secure your network and remediate vulnerabilities. Our reports provide detailed advice on fixing the issues identified during the test, enabling you to take action quickly.

Ready to take your security
to the next level?

We are! Let’s discuss how we can work together to create strong defenses against real-life cyber threats.