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We are strong believers in technical excellence and the entire team firmly holds as an opinion that research is the lifeblood of the information security industry. Especially in such a fast-paced industry like IT security, no innovation or no time to experiment with new technologies is nothing but paving the way to become irrelevant.

Wildfire Labs was conceived to be the advanced technical facet of Blaze, a place where we can experiment with unorthodox ideas, spend time playing around with new technologies, develop tools to help make our engagements even more successful, showcase our abilities and skills to the rest of the world and of course share knowledge with the rest of the IT security community worldwide.

Unlike other consulting firms that require their consultants to be billable 110% of the time, leading to a fast burn-out, we really try hard to get our team a more generous billable target, allowing them to use around 20% of their time in the company to catch up with the latest tech and spend time studying whatever they feel like. “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” has no room here.

The companies that helped shape this industry in the 1990s and the ones we look up to, all presently have or had at some point a strong research focus and shared the same beliefs we do when it comes to R&D, in a way or another.

As we experiment with new concepts, ideas and techniques we hope we can give some knowledge back to the community and escape from the dreaded routine of consulting-delivery.

We want to make IT security consulting great again. Let the games begin.

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