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Uncover the value of CREST penetration testing for your business by understanding the reasons why CREST-accredited providers should be your primary choice.

Cyber threats evolve at a rapid pace, and one of the most effective ways to assess and improve the security posture and resilience of a company’s systems against such threats is penetration testing. By performing controlled and simulated cyber attacks against an organization, pentesting aims to identify vulnerabilities that could be exploited by malicious hackers.

However, the effectiveness of security testing services hinges greatly on the expertise of the provider, and this is where the value of hiring a CREST penetration testing provider becomes clear. In this post, we will delve into why businesses should consider partnering with a CREST-accredited firm for their penetration testing needs.

CREST serves as an internationally recognized accreditation body, endorsing the capabilities, technical expertise and quality of service for cybersecurity firms and individuals professionally involved in the field.

But what exactly is CREST, and why is it so crucial in the cybersecurity sector? Let’s delve into it in the next section.

What is CREST and its significance in the cybersecurity industry

CREST, originally known as the Council of Registered Ethical Security Testers, is a not-for-profit accreditation body that represents the technical information security industry. As a global certification body, it provides a framework of accredited professional services in cybersecurity, particularly in penetration testing. CREST serves as a benchmark for cybersecurity service providers, ensuring they meet the highest standards of skill, knowledge, and competence in the industry.

The body has two different types of accreditation, both for companies and individuals, who deliver services. Disciplines that CREST accredits for include penetration testing, incident response, threat intelligence, vulnerability assessment, intelligence-led penetration testing and Security Operations Centre (SOC).

CREST has been setting a new gold standard in the cybersecurity industry. It’s devised a framework for proficiency and ethical conduct that all accredited members are obliged to follow. To achieve CREST certification, companies must successfully pass a stringent assessment process. This includes a thorough evaluation of their business procedures and personnel, consulting practices and service delivery standards, as well as the security measures of the prospective CREST member company.

By providing a trusted benchmark for organizations seeking cybersecurity services, it assures customers that a CREST-accredited cybersecurity provider has undergone rigorous validation of their service delivery standards, procedures and methodologies. This increases the reliability, consistency and effectiveness of the services your organization contracted.

Advantages of hiring a CREST-accredited penetration testing firm

Choosing a CREST-accredited penetration testing firm brings a multitude of advantages, key among which are the assured quality of service, world-class technical expertise, and enhanced compliance and trust.

Assured quality of penetration testing services

By choosing an accredited company for CREST penetration testing, businesses guarantee themselves a superior quality penetration test.

The rigorous accreditation process that CREST imposes on firms and penetration testers ensures that they uphold the highest standards in their methodologies and service delivery. CREST’s strict criteria entail meticulous security testing processes that delve into the very core of a system’s vulnerabilities, leaving no stone unturned. The result is a comprehensive and effective approach to penetration testing, which allows for in-depth analysis and targeted fortification of weak points.

This assured quality extends to all areas of a CREST firm’s operations, providing not just technical excellence but also superior customer service, professional communication, and well-documented reporting.

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World-class technical expertise

One of the critical components that differentiate a CREST-accredited firm is the high level of technical expertise they possess. CREST member companies must demonstrate that their security experts are not just knowledgeable but are at the top of the game in terms of technical skills and industry acumen.

According to CREST’s examination page, the body offers professional exams at three different levels:

  • CREST Practitioner level exams. These are the basic exams for professionals, and they’re meant for individuals who have been working in the field regularly for about 2,500 hours, or roughly two years.
  • CREST Registered exams. Passing this level shows that you’re dedicated to your work in information security testing. As a guideline, professionals taking this exam should have at least 6,000 hours of regular experience, which is around three years or more.
  • CREST Certified level exams. These exams are the ultimate goal for many professionals in the industry, and they’re intended for individuals with about 10,000 hours, or five to six years, of regular work experience in cybersecurity.


This means that when you hire a CREST penetration testing firm, you’re gaining access to a team of experts with a deep understanding of the cybersecurity landscape. These professionals use their expertise to conduct rigorous penetration tests, identify potential vulnerabilities, discover IT risks in your organization and recommend effective, tailored solutions to bolster the security of your systems.

Increased trust and confidence

Working with a CREST provider for your cybersecurity needs brings an inherent level of trust and confidence. Their accredited status signifies a commitment to ethical practices and high standards of service delivery, which can provide peace of mind as you navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity.

Compliance assistance

Many industries have strict cybersecurity regulations that companies must comply with. A CREST member company will not only be aware of these requirements but also be able to help your company meet them, thanks to their extensive knowledge and experience.


As the threat landscape continues to evolve, businesses must be proactive in strengthening their defenses. Engaging in penetration testing is a crucial aspect of any comprehensive cybersecurity strategy, and choosing a CREST-accredited provider for this task ensures a superior level of service delivered by highly skilled professionals.

CREST accreditation represents a commitment to excellence in cybersecurity. By choosing a CREST member company for cybersecurity services, businesses are assured of rigorous, comprehensive testing that leaves no stone unturned. Furthermore, the credibility and trust associated with CREST certification enhance the business’s reputation and help foster confidence among its stakeholders.

If your organization is considering the advantages of a CREST penetration testing provider, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team of experts. We’re here to provide guidance and answer any questions you might have. Let’s work together to ensure your cybersecurity measures are robust and effective. Contact us today.

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