Managed Security Services

Managed security scanning services

The dynamic nature of applications, networks, and clouds requires that security scanning and assessments are done regularly and not just once a year.

Blaze offers continuous scanning for web apps, APIs, and networks using a list of carefully selected tools, triaged by our experts and delivered through our vulnerability management portal.

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Continuous security scanning for your applications and network

With our Managed Security Scanning service, you can continuously improve the defenses of your applications and networks. It helps you set a baseline for uncovering common misconfiguration, vulnerabilities, and exposures.

Scanners are particularly good at discovering issues and security flaws that follow a repeatable pattern. They can be a cost-effective step toward continuous security testing in all stages of your development lifecycle.

The combination of scanning tools and human-powered triaging eliminates false positives and improves signal over noise, while the vulnerability management platform makes the experience seamless and efficient.

Continuous assessment enables your company to identify vulnerabilities, remediate them, and improve your resilience against attacks.

Minimize risk exposure
with managed security scanning

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Practice good cyber hygiene

Hackers frequently use vulnerability scanning to identify weaknesses in potential targets. Our managed security scanning helps you practice good cyber hygiene and keep hackers away from your business.

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Remove pressure from your in-house team

Managing regular security scans can cost you a lot of time and resources and put a lot of pressure on your team. A managed security scanning removes the hassle of running these activities in-house, allowing your team to focus on addressing and remediating vulnerabilities rather than discovering them.

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Leverage the latest technology

Blaze supports a comprehensive list of carefully selected open-source and commercial tools delivered through the vulnerability management portal. Our team always deploys the best system to fit your security needs and requirements.

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Strengthen your security strategy

Our offensive security professionals are eager to collaborate closely with your team to help you develop a long-term security strategy, ensuring that your processes comply with the latest security standards.

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Get actionable remediation guidance

To help you understand your vulnerabilities, risks, and threats, our team of experts provides a clear report every time a security scanning is conducted. Our reports include a description of the vulnerabilities discovered, an assessment of the business impact, and actionable and prioritized remediation guidance.

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Enjoy unparalleled flexibility

You choose the frequency of the scanning. The service can operate quarterly, monthly, weekly, or daily.

Ready to take your security
to the next level?

We are! Let’s discuss how we can work together to create strong defenses against real-life cyber threats.