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Simulation (Red Team)

2-4 engineers
4-8 weeks (est.)

Unlike traditional penetration testing exercises, a red team assessment considers a broader attack vector. This test goes beyond applications and systems by also probing security controls, and assessing the organization's detection and response capabilities.

This type of exercise emulates a persistent and technically capable adversary, with a combination of physical security tests, social engineering, network and application attacks.

Throughout the adversary simulation, Blaze’s red team will use tools, tactics and procedures of real-world adversaries in an attempt to achieve the goals established for the engagement and gain access to business-sensitive data and systems.

The main objective of this assessment is to illustrate the risks that an organization may face from the viewpoint of a determined threat actor, and most importantly improve its detection and response capabilities.

Security Testing

1-2 engineers
1-3 weeks (est.)

Applications are everywhere, tightly integrated in our everyday lives and business needs. Many data breaches and compromise of corporate networks start with applications built without the appropriate level of security.

Penetration Testing

1 engineer (approx.)
1-4 weeks (est.)

The goal of this service is to identify misconfigurations that may exist in the cloud hosted environment. Often, security threats derive from using incorrect settings for a cloud infrastructure. To help preventing this, Blaze performs automated scanning, combined with manual exploration, with an option to include a baseline audit of the operating system, docker and Kubernetes. The ultimate aim is to minimize misconfigurations, and thus reduce the level of overall risk.

Penetration Testing

1-2 engineers (approx.)
1-4 weeks (est.)

Network penetration tests consist in the identification and exploitation of vulnerabilities and threats to your business from the perspective of either an external adversary or an insider in the organization.

Security assessments are carried out through a controlled attack simulation tailored to our client’s business, determining with accuracy the real risk exposure of your organization.

The main objective of this service is to be ahead of the game of a malicious insider, such as a disgruntled employee, that may have basic access to the network. This service can also be used to evaluate and validate the organization’s defenses against a scenario of a motivated and persistent external attacker with no privileged access or knowledge about the network infrastructure.

Such assessment provides a valuable insight into the business’s security policies, patch management and can be used for audit processes that require security testing such as PCI-DSS and ISO/IEC 27001.


1 engineer (approx.)
1 week (est.)

Phishing attacks are a trademark of the first step of any successful intrusion in modern IT infrastructures. This is the kind of attack used from red teams to sophisticated adversaries such as nation-state attackers in order to gain an initial foothold into a network. With 22% of all data breaches in 2020 involving phishing attacks, this is a threat that organizations should prepare for.

Blaze's spear phishing simulations challenge the security of your organization with realistic phishing emails and text messages. Our offering includes offensive phishing exercises to capture credentials for cloud services, VPN, e-mail, etc., or alternatively use controlled payloads to attempt to gain access to the employee's computer, in order to breach the organization's network perimeter.

The assessment team works in close collaboration with the main stakeholders and security team of the customer to fine-tune the campaigns and collect all necessary metrics for a detailed understanding of the posture of the organization and provide an accurate situational report of your company's preparedness against such threats.

Hardware &
IoT Security

2-4 engineers (approx.)
1-2 weeks (est.)

The ever-growing advent of the IoT in combination with the insufficient attention received by hardware security inevitably led to the uncovering of major hardware related vulnerabilities.

Through our partnership with Exset Labs Europe, we test and harden your IoT products and devices to prevent malicious attacks.


1-8 engineers (approx.)
365 days / year

There is a massive skills shortage worldwide for cyber security professionals.

With the goal to help our customers address their challenges with cyber security, Blaze presents a proposal involving the delivery of cyber security staff augmentation, with focus on application, infrastructure security and other security-related activities to be performed by the consultants assigned to the project.

In a nutshell, Blaze outsources security consultants to serve as remote-based members of your, working in activities that support the business when it comes to information security needs.

in M&A

2-3 engineers (approx.)
3-4 weeks (est.) (minimum)

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) are a frequent occurrence in the modern business landscape, with companies using M&A’s as a strategy to gain access to different markets, or a greater market share by merging with smaller players.

As part of the technical due-diligence of acquisitions and investments, Blaze Information Security can aid your organization in assessing the cyber security risk of the company your business is planning to merge with or invest in, in order to understand the impact to the security of your business and effort needed to reduce these risks to acceptable levels.

Our services help your business with actionable advice to make informed decisions about third-party cyber security risks in M&A’s, guaranteeing peace of mind and a maximized return on investment.