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Founded in 2016, Blaze Information Security is a privately held cybersecurity firm born from years of combined experience and international presence, with offices in Portugal and Brazil, and satellite presence in The Netherlands, Germany and Poland. We are a team of seasoned hackers who strongly believe in technical excellence, and count with extensive experience in delivering complex projects for customers from different sectors for SMBs and enterprise customers in industries such as banking, fintechs, oil & gas, retail, technology, e-commerce, startups and more.

Global presence

With an international team of cybersecurity experts
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Certified quality

In compliance with the highest cybersecurity standards
iso 9001 iso 9001
iso 27001 iso 9001
Your data and intellectual property is well protected with us. Both certificates are issued after a very thorough audit, thus ensuring everything is running up to the highest possible standards.

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We have taken great care to craft our logo. With this in mind, we would like to kindly ask you to respect the logo protective field and our brand colors. Please do not alter them in any way.

Inside our brand you will find all our brand assets in all possible color combinations. There are also other goodies inside: stickers, wallpapers and posters - in case you would like to show the rest of the world how secure your business has become by working with us.


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