SOC 2: Penetration Testing and Vulnerability Scanning Guide

Expert guide to SOC 2 penetration testing

Why this e-book?

We created this e-book to assist companies in making informed decisions when selecting cybersecurity services for SOC 2 compliance. This expert guide is designed to address the most common queries and concerns regarding penetration testing for SOC 2, ensuring your business is secure and well-prepared for the SOC 2 audit.

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About this Resource

Inside the guide

  • Types of security assessments for SOC 2 compliance
    Gain insights into the various security assessments recognized under SOC 2 standards, and understand how they apply to your organization.
  • Penetration testing vs. vulnerability scanning for SOC 2 – a comparison
    Learn the differences and similarities between penetration testing and vulnerability scanning, and find out how they fit into the SOC 2 compliance framework.
  • The ideal pentesting scope
    Discover how to define the scope of your penetration testing to ensure comprehensive coverage of your systems and networks, aligning with SOC 2 requirements.
  • SOC 2 penetration testing cost and duration
    Get a clear overview of what you can expect in terms of investment and time commitment for conducting penetration testing within the context of SOC 2 compliance.
  • More
    The guide also dives into preparation strategies for SOC 2 audits, selecting a cybersecurity provider, understanding the reporting process, and actionable steps to improve your cybersecurity posture in light of SOC 2 standards.

Who should read this e-book?


  • Technical managers and business leaders
    If you’re responsible for ensuring your company meets SOC 2 standards, this guide is for you.
  • IT and cybersecurity professionals
    Enhance your understanding of SOC 2 requirements and how to meet them through effective security assessments.
  • Compliance officers and auditors
    Get insights into the technical aspects of SOC 2 compliance, particularly around penetration testing and vulnerability scanning.


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