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What is penetration testing?

Penetration testing, also commonly referred to as pentesting, is a controlled process aimed at evaluating the security of a system by discovering and exploiting security weaknesses to gain access to networks, platforms, and critical systems in an organization.

The most common purpose of a penetration testing assessment is to find vulnerabilities before malicious hackers do and to help companies mitigate cyber risks by improving the security of their systems to prevent attacks in the future.

  1. Discover and fix vulnerabilities, and get unparalleled insights into the IT risks your company is exposed to
  2. Receive detailed reports describing weak spots in your cybersecurity controls
  3. Gain actionable advice to improve defenses and mitigate risks to your environment

Penetration testing Process

Our penetration testing process is based on industry-renowned methodologies and follows steps for reconnaissance, vulnerability discovery, exploitation, reporting, and re-testing once fixes are correctly deployed.

Industry leading tactics, techniques and procedures

Security Testing Methodologies

Our security assessments are based on leading security testing
standards, to ensure maximum coverage and optimal results.

Compliance and risks

Achieve and maintain compliance

Meet compliance with SOC 2, ISO 27001, PCI, GDPR, HIPAA, CPRA/CCPA, DiGAv, third-party security assessments, and more.

simulate the attacker’s
point of view

Black box

Zero-knowledge attack simulation. The penetration testing team will attempt to breach your systems from the perspective of a hacker with no prior information about the target other than publicly available data.

Grey box

Malicious insider attack simulation. The penetration testers simulate an employee or an insider with valid accounts and limited user knowledge about the systems under the scope. This is the most common pentest perspective.

White box

Full-knowledge security testing. Complete details about the systems, network diagrams, source code, and other targets in scope are shared with the pentesters for a comprehensive security evaluation.

Pentest report and deliverables

Our report contains a high-level management summary and details about all vulnerabilities, classified based on severity, risk, and likelihood, also with CVSS score and OWASP top 10 categorizations. All issues are reported along with their respective mitigation controls.

The reports can be used for vendor and 3rd party risk assessments, M&A due diligence, compliance, and regulatory requirements such as SOC 2, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, ISO 27001, GDPR, CCPA, and others.

Blaze also provides a cybersecurity attestation letter that can be shared with customers and partners as evidence of penetration testing.

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Proposal & Agreement

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After Blaze and your company agree on the terms, sign an NDA and service agreement contract, we will assign to the project a the team of suitable cyberspace security engineers, and we agree on the starting date.

Assessment & Results

We start with a short kick-off call a few days prior to the project begins, then dive into the security testing on the scheduled date. Usually we can start within two weeks from the signed agreement.

Reports and other deliverables are published within 5 business days from the completion of the project.

Remediation & Follow-up

Enjoy free retesting up to 90 days from the completion of the assessment.

Our experts will periodically follow-up with you to understand how we can continue work together, to keep constantly improving your defenses against cyber attacks.

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About Blaze

Blaze Information Security is an offensive cyber firm specializing in penetration testing and application security services.

We are a team of seasoned ethical hackers who strongly believe in technical excellence, rooted in unparalleled experience in delivering complex projects for organizations worldwide.